Step One

Prospective clients communicate to Hatcher & Baez interest in Mediation Services. You can get started by calling our office at (804) 423-2503 or contacting us here


Prospective clients are referred to the Hatcher & Baez website for details regarding Mediation Services, including eligibility criteria and principles governing an HB Mediation.


If both wish to move forward with an Initial Consultation, each party completes an initial intake form, reviews the Agreement to Mediate and agrees to proceed, and the parties send payment of required $250 intake appointment(s) fee to Hatcher & Baez Law for processing.


Initial Meeting with Intake Mediator (Until further notice, by Zoom): Goals: meet the parties; confirm eligibility; review communications privacy; review with both parties the provisions of Chapter 21.2 of the Code of Virginia, as incorporated into the Agreement to Mediate; have parties electronically sign Agreement to Mediate; discuss costs and minimum retainer fee of $2,500 to engage our mediation services. If one or both parties decline to sign the Agreement to Mediate, the Intake Mediator will conclude services with Hatcher & Baez.


The Intake Mediator will meet privately (by separate chat room) with each party to review initial intake form and identify individual goals and concerns; When deemed appropriate by the Intake Mediator, he/she will resume meeting with both parties and respond to any process related questions; identify any need for other referrals (experts to aid in the process); and, if both parties wish to move forward, assign specific homework to be reviewed, completed and sent to Hatcher & Baez by an agreed due date. 


On the basis of the initial consultation and review of the completed homework assignments, the Intake Mediator meets with the attorney who will take the lead on any mediation between the parties, reviews the issues involved and addresses any concerns about moving forward.


Assuming a decision is made that Hatcher & Baez will handle the proposed mediation, a Retainer Agreement will be prepared and sent to both parties for review and approval. If both parties approve, they then make payment of the required initial advance fee.


After Hatcher & Baez staff has processed the payment of the required initial advance fee, and the signed Retainer Agreement has been received, an initial appointment will be scheduled with the attorney handling the mediation. The Intake Counsellor will attend this initial appointment and thereafter provide further assistance as requested.


Additional meetings will be scheduled as necessary, with a view to addressing and reaching a favorable resolution of all issues, and preparation of a formal Agreement setting forth all terms to which the parties agreed.


Both parties sign the formal Agreement prepared by the Mediator. Any unearned advance fees will be returned to the parties as per the Retainer Agreement. This normally concludes the representation. If, however, both parties desire to secure a court order that incorporates the Agreement, they can request Hatcher & Baez assistance with a tenth step.


At the request of both parties, and upon their signing a formal waiver of applicable conflict of interest rules, a Hatcher & Baez attorney having no involvement in the mediation will file all necessary pleadings with the appropriate Circuit Court to secure a court order on behalf of one of the parties. If, however, at any time a dispute arises concerning interpretation or implementation of the Agreement previously signed by the parties, or concerning any issue involved in the court action, all representation will cease and both parties will be referred to independent legal counsel for any further actions that may be desired.